Write my Paper Immunization compliance

Immunization compliance

Definition of Quality Improvement according to QSEN: “Use data to monitor the
outcomes of care processes and use improvement methods to design and test
changes to continuously improve the quality and safety of health care systems.”
Quality Improvement Process: PDSA or DMAIC

P (Plan) – D (DO) – 8 (Study) – A (Act) or

D (Define) – M (Measure – A (Analyze) – I (Improve) – 0 (Control)

1. Identify a clinical nursing concern, issue or define a problem-

2. Perform a literature review/search for relevant evidence. Use peer reviewed nursing
articles (Can look at national patient safety goals)

3. Collect data.

4. Conduct a root cause analysis using Quality Improvement tools. (run charts,

diagrams, etc.)5. Recommendations and/or implementation for change-

6. Evaluate change-

7. This will be a group project. Utilize APA for written paper-

8. Recommendations for presentation: Poster board or power point- Grading will be
done using the Project-Based Learning Rubic-

9. Refer to Chapter 22 in your textbook

Program Outcomes: Kansas ADN Alignment Project

ADN Alignment

Program outcomes Proposal

1. Integrate caring behaviors in practicing the art and science of nwsing within a


2. Implement professional standards and scope of practice within legal, ethical, and
regulatory frame works-

3. Collaborate with clients and members of the inter-professional health care team to
optimize client outcomes.

4. Formulate safe and effective clinical judgments guided by the nursing process,
clinical reasoning, and evidence-based practice.

5. Manage care and provide leadersz to meet client needs using available resources
and current technology

6. Generate teaching and learning processes to promote and maintain health and

rislcs for a global population.

7. Demonstrate effective communication methods to manage client needs and to
interact with other healthcare team members.


Alligood, M-, & Tomey, A (2006). Nursing Theory: Utilization and Application. St-
Louis: Mosby/Elsevier

Alligood, M., & Tomey, A (2006). Nursing Theory: Utilization and Application. St.
Louis: Mosby/Elsevier

Cronenwett, L, et al. (2007). “quality and Safety Education for Nurses.”

Nursing Outlook, 33(3). 122-131.

Resources need to be peer reviewed at at least 2 within the last five years

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