1. The Product/Service
    The Muscat Shoes Factory will fabricate popular and agreeable shoes in Oman market to address the issues of various sorts of customers. Along these lines, the manufacturing plant will have the capacity to meet distinctive client needs in the market. It will include an value with the Product. The Factory will give also the quality for manufactured shoes.
    Muscat Shoe Factory will provide all sizes for young and old in different forms with different prices suitable for customers. Where the sale value will be between 10 riyals to 30 riyals. The factory will also provide the demand service on online application so that the customer can choose the suitable size, color, design and quality of the shoe.
    There will be new forms and designs on the local market suitable for Omani society, men and women. The design will be follow the evolution in fashion and the traditional design. The shoes will be distinguished with high quality.
    After searching and finding a suitable project that serves the local market and produces excellent income, we found that the shoes are the most important requirements needed by the buyer. Thus both parties serve the seller and the buyer.
    Our factor produce different varieties of shoes such as boots, sandals, sportswear, loafers and women heal footwear, so the factor will service the men, women, children and workers. The workers customers are from the important customers because the buy the expensive shoes and buy more than one shoe. In additional to that the important customer will get specifications from the company such as gold card, this card will reduce the price and in some case will get it free and will get more service from the company for example, will receive the new design and good service when he come to the company.
    The Muscat Shoe manufacturer will manufacturer fashionable and comfortable shoes in Oman market for meeting the needs to different types of customers. Hence, the company will be able to cater the different needs of the customer in the market. It will add the value with its product. The company will also provide the quality with its manufactured shoe. Hence, variety of shoes and quality of shoes will add the value to its product.
    A relatively newer shoe production technique is what Muscat Shoe manufacturer will use, for future business growth by Rapid Prototyping. This will add value to the product. The cost effective technology used by small business enterprises will provide competitive advantage by adding value to the delivered shoes. Muscat Shoe manufacturer is also capable of carrying out production on a fairly large basis. A computer aided design technology applied in the business process includes effective data management and planning, which add value to the business. Application of the resource planning and management in Muscat Shoe manufacturer’s business will ensure lesser friction loss and chance of duplicity in the shoe manufacturing process. The Muscat Shoe manufacturer will introduce 3D product design applications like Rhino assist in producing exact 3D models of the shoes for value addition to the product. (need to do paraphrasing)
    The customers could be faced many problem such as don’t find the correct size or design and type of shoes, so our company will give chance to the customer to design, select the size of the shoes and the color in the application of the company to make or design or produce the shoe.
    The key partners with our company are Alraffd fund and Sanad project.
    The key partners helps us to get the materials and tools such as plastic, dye and leather which are used to manufacture shoe.
    Our company will work to gather with different company such as Alwarda company  and Al-fleaj factory which will take the materials and tools from them.
    The company will contribute to the economic country and provide a training for Omani people then employed them in the factory


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