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UNIT E TAKE-HOME ASSIGNMENT At the top of each of your problems put the following multi-line comment, with your information: ”’ Your name as registered, with optional nickname in parentheses CIS 41A Fall 2017 Unit E take-home assignment ”’ THIS ASSIGNMENT CONSISTS OF FIVE SEPARATE SCRIPTS. All five scripts should

Write my Paper MUBI

MUBI Order Description MUBI is a global, personally-curated film streaming and download service. It offers carefully selected movies, from cult classics to award-winning masterpieces, forgotten gems to festival-fresh independent releases, and includes obscure or art house releases, films you know but haven’t been able to access, and the best of

Write my Paper Freezing tag game

write a program to simulate a game we will call “Freeze Tag”. Five rectangles start on the screen at random locations. When created, these rectangles have different widths and heights and different x and y velocities. The width, height, and x and y velocities of each rectangle will not change

Write my Essay on 10.1: Becoming Fluent

Develop writing fluency by selecting and answering a prompt with a one-page journal entry. Learn to apply Greek and Latin root words. Portfolio Assignment 10.1: Journal Write a one-page journal entry after selecting one of the following prompts. Remember, you are required to type the journal. I will assume that

Write my Paper Interprofessional Response and Instructions

Interprofessional Response and Instructions Order Description This is a collaborative response. The feedback should be specific and meaningful, and it should provide discussion of resources, references, or both to assist the student’s project. Student project: Title: Importance of Mobility in Acute Care. Problem Statement: Prolong periods of bedrest increase the

Write my Paper Eczema Comparative Effectiveness Research

Eczema Comparative Effectiveness Research Adapted from www.primr.orgDue Monday December 11 by 5 pm15 points reference the federal regulations as appropriate. Eczema is a chronic skin disorder that involves scaly and itchy rashes, as well as blistering, weeping, or peeling of the skin. It is diagnosed by visual inspection of the skin and

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